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I received SENSA WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM 2 MONTH SUPPLY from ShopNBC. The package arrived with one shaker top open. The "sweet" side. The product spilled in the box, so I lost a good amount of an expensive item. There was enough to get started on the system, so I contacted ShopNBC and asked them to replace the opened shaker. They said I had to return the ENTIRE shipment. This throws my program into another two week delay. I said to ship me a replacement order and I would send the damaged one back upon receipt of it. Really, all they had to do was replace the one shaker. They refused and quoted their return policy to me.

I called the SENSA people also. They advised me to drop ShopNBC and buy from them...but they have the same *** POLICY!!!

I also have a problem with the fact that the shaker tops are NOT SECURED. There was a plastic wrapping around the body of the shake...fat lot of good that does...but nothing to secure the tops during shipping. :/ So my complaint is that they are NOT AT ALL sensative to the needs, safety or well-being of their customers as far as the return policy goes.

As far as SENSA is concerned...if this is how they market their product with no plastic seal, they leave it open for theft of the product, product tampering which could be a fatal mistake and the same bad return policy as thier distributor, ShopNBC.

You buy a box of salt in the supermarket for under a dollar, the top is sealed. A spice shaker of cinnamon has a sealed top or jar opening. Both of these items are under 2.00 each, yet they are secured. Why can't SENSA cover theirs...and if they do...looks like SOMEONE at ShopNBC got into the sealed product. I have no way of knowing because mine arrived unsealed.

Monetary Loss: $72.

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You should call the CS dept and ask them to do a "parts request SR" to receive a replacement of the shaker that was received opened. This is an option that they have on a lot of items they sell, but since they can only do it for items they have in stock at the time the request is submitted, it's usually overlooked by their CS reps.

GOOD LUCK! (And let us know how your attempt goes!)

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