As listed before, they call you none stop. I'm a freelancer and was waiting for my check to clear so that I could make my final payment of the value pay for a camera.

They call you none stop and always have an attitude. Then they called my home number, I don't know how they got that as I've never given it to them. My roommate answered and they proceeded to tell her my business about payment is due, going to collections, etc. I was so upset, how dare they divulge my business like that.

I called back and gave them my information and the girl was snippy. I called back the following day because I needed to calm down! I asked why they gave out my information like that and she went on to say that they are not a collection agency and can do what they want. It happened to be the same girl.

She was such a miserable person that I cused her out. I called back because I wanted to speak to supervisor and she refused to transfer me and kept saying she didn't care and can do what she wanted. I also needed to verify that I had given them the correct information and she refused to transfer me saying that I was "harassing her" the nerve! I finally got someone else and was able to handle my business.

They are so rude and unprofessional!

I think we should all band together and file a suit against them. There is no need to treat us like that!

Monetary Loss: $359.

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Astoria, New York, United States #610501

Your credit report has all your information, including phone numbers. They have every right to contact you and speak to who ever answers your phone number if you do not keep up with your promise to pay them on time for value payments. Being a freelancer is not an excuse.

to emilletich #620392

Unless the other person is a legal spouse, what you're saying is completely false.

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