I rec'd a call from a collection agency saying

That my credit card was declined and my

Payment was 5 days past due....5 days late and turned

Over for collections without so much as a phone call to me. I did get a letter last friday and called them that day

To say my new card had just been replaced

With a new number and gave it to them

For the payment.

They informed me that I would have to call the

Collection agency to give them the card number. I told them

I dont give out my card number to companies

I dont deal with and they refused to handle

It for me. Said I would get a negative report to the

Credit minoring agencies.

Look, dingbat, here is what you want...you can handle it from here.

Oh no they said...then the collection agency calls me and the girl

Sounds like a very unprofessional uneducated

Minimum wage employee and wants to scream at me and hang up the phone. Does Shop Hq rhink I want ti guve this ape my card number and verification code so she can go buy

Herself a new wardrobe! No way.

Called back Shop HQ again and was informed they

Cannot help me and U will get a bad credit rating

For having to wait 5 days to get a card replaced.

I have purchased frim them for iver 22 yrs.....great way

To treat and keep a customer!

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