These people advertise on their demonstration that this is as easy as 1,2,3. Well during this demonstration they don't bother to tell you that they check your credit on a Debit Card??/ Nor when you speak with the customer service rep. I order an item and went with the value pay and then they take the money from your account and then cancel because they were not able to obtain your credit report?! First I don't want anyone running my credit report without my knowledge and 2nd this is a debit card.

I shop many times through QVC and HSN and NEVER have had to go through this. Shame on you ShopNBC for doing things the illegal way. You may keep your *** merchandise and I will continue buying things off the other Shopping networks!

Good luck to you folks buying through them and beware!

Monetary Loss: $729.

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Astoria, New York, United States #610475

I understand that you are upset. They did it to me once when I tried to Valuepay an expensive item over $4000.00.

They do state, in hard to find print, that they do check your credit score for large purchases and will deny you Valuepay if credit is not up to their standards. Maybe you have too much outstanding debt, or no credit, etc. My credit score was 720, which I thought was good, but apparently not good enough for the large purchase.

The good part, is that they reexamine it every few weeks and if you pay well and improve your credit the do reinstate the Value pay to your account. Also, I have used Valuepays with many other companies, but none have ever accepted Debit cards, so that may have also been the issue.

Toledo, Ohio, United States #593256

The issue is not that they ran my report, the issue is they put the hold on my card BEFORE they approved me. When was the last time you gave a car dealer your down payment and then waited on a loan approval? I am sure that if this practice was explained in the TAC they would lose a lot of potential customers.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #591143

Actually, it does state that they can pull credit. On the main product page, just below the price, it will read "or X ValuePay: $XXX.XX - $XXX.XX"

If you click on the black, underlined "ValuePay" the terms come up.

They just don't make it obvious.

It took me a while to find it.

I only know because it happened to me this week. :sigh

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