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They run your credit report for each individual purchase you want to use value-pay. They hold your money (the value-pay amount until they do this even if they dont approve you they will hold your money indefinitely.

They told me my order was canceled since my value pay was not approved and they sent a release to my bank to release the hold. Well almost 3 weeks later I the money still hasnt been released. I called my bank they said ShopNBC had not sent the release to them. So Shop NBC dropped the ball.

HSN and QVC are much better!!!

Shop NBC sells products that dont work and I have always had issues when purchasing from them unlike with QVC and HSN no problems and GREAT customer service!

No more ShopNBC for me!! I will stick to QVC!

Monetary Loss: $167.

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Grove, Oklahoma, United States #904408

First off, if you offer up a payment (for value pay) via your BANK CARD, the company can and usually will do a credit check, IF you are a new customer. After a payment history is established, they will check less often.

By using your debit card as form of payment, for a multiple payment item, they don't need you SSN for credit check. They have all the info needed, given to them by you. By law you are setting up a payment plan and credit check can, and probably will be conducted. It is done for their protection, since they are carrying the balance without interest.

Not to mention it even says they might do a credit check in your application for the Value Pay payment plan.

If you use a credit card for payments, a credit check is hardly ever done, unless the item is in excess of $1000. And even then one will usually not be conducted if you have a positive payment history. The same is true also for PayPal because you usually not only have your bank account on file with them, but also multiple credit cards for back up.

(This is usually done for added protection, in case one form of payment fails, there is a back up form of payment. This way there isn't a insufficient funds denial for your payment or purchase). This is also why Shop HQ doesn't need to do credit checks via Paypal.

If you use a credit card for value pay there is no credit check, but with debit card they do occasionally, depending on the amount of total purchase. Once you have a good payment history, they check less often, again, depending on amount of purchase.

I tried once with debit and was turned down, retried with my credit card and was immediately approved. I also purchase with my PayPal account, no problems at all. My first purchase with paypal was a $500 phone on value pay. No credit check.

I have had no problem with Shop HQ, HSN or QVC.

Also, Shop HQ and QVC will NOT accept pre-paid debit cards for payment plans, but HSN will, as long as you have a positive payment history with them.

Plus, I don't know about the other two, but with HSN, if you screw up, and stop making you monthly payments for merchandise you already have, (basically....

Default on payments) you will NOT be allowed to purchase anything else on a payment plan, but you WILL be allowed to continue shopping with HSN, as long as you pay in full when purchasing. Just an interesting little tidbit about online shopping.


I can't believe they did it to me too. Thing is before they changed to shop nbc it did not happen.

I got a couple small things on value pay with no problem until Christmas and I tried to get a gift and it was checked. No other place does it. It is so convenient for those of us who need to make payments. I was so upset I lost the opportunity to get my gift on time because they didn't notify me they just didn't send it.

I will never use them again. I wish they knew how they hurt people.

Sorry. For those of you who went through it too


"I have been a long time customer of shopping Hq and I love it but I've had issues now its been over a year and they will not let me pay with value paid I might have been late once but not with they have said and its very very disappointing and very distressing that's they're doing this to me I have no prob with any other websites they said they would give it back to me the value pay and now they still haven't very disappointed in them very because I still do love their items and they do have the best value paid by the customer service and everything else needs work


I love ShopHq been buying many items for years, use value pay every time. They have never ran my credit.

Customer service is great. I do not understand what you are all talking about.

Seems very strange to me. I highly recommend ShopHQ.


only thing is QVC does NOT forgive a certain amount of returned items,even though they say "it's ok,to return if it doesn't fit' etc.etc… then you are forever shunned/shut out.I even wrote them to allow me to order again. They said NO, you are not wanted here.

And I pay all my bills every month..so I'm not in the hole.. Not cool qvc.

you speak out of the side of your mouth. :sigh Hsn has NEVER given me a hassle.

Pineville, North Carolina, United States #779544

I am livid!!! Same thing just happened to me...my first time ordering from here was last night.

When I woke up I received an email stating my order was cancelled. Funny thing is I just purchased a new car and home. Doesn't make any sense. Wish I would've read these reviews first.

I'm speaking with my lawyer today, I will not tolerate this foolishness. And for the ones assuming that every negative review is bs, sit down and shut up!! It's evident you don't know what you're taking about.

Ever negative comment SHOPHQ deserves! Never again


The same thing happened to me with Shop NBC. I was trying to order a new Canon DSLR camera on Value Pay with 6 monthly payments and they pulled my credit report without my authorization!

I never provided them with either my social security number or my date of birth, only my name and address. I have used the same type of payment program with QVC and HSN many times in the past and have NEVER had a credit report pulled. They just charged my credit card on a monthly basis according to the scheduled payments until the item was paid in full. I never applied for any type of credit account with Shop NBC.

I thought I was simply taking advantage of their Value Pay option and thought it was the exact same thing that HSN and QVC has. I will NEVER do business with Shop NBC again!

to Jo #822511

HSN runs your credit on flex pay orders also. See the RipOff site for complaints about HSN!

to Fooled #1064381

I shop with HSN, and they've never pulled my credit, nor has QVC. ShopNBC-ShopHQ-Evinelive- whatever you want to call it does.

They cancelled my order and told me that I didn't have any credit history. When, I explained to them it was a new address, they wanted me to call the credit bureaus and change the info- them try again. By the way, I can't understand how they are allowed to pull credit without an SS.

It seems so reckless to check credit with just a name and an address. Either way, I will go back to QVC and HSN...much less hassle!

Medford, Oregon, United States #707112

Has anyone ever read "About Shopnbc value pay" Its straight from the website.

Directly from the Site:

ValuePay® makes shopping with us more convenient! ValuePay® is a payment option that allows you to pay for purchases on your credit card, PayPal or ShopNBC Credit Card over a period of several months.

Choosing to use ValuePay® is easy. When purchasing an item with the ValuePay® option, just select the ValuePay® option at the billing information page to take advantage of the offer. Your subtotal will be divided by the number of payments indicated (up to 6) into equal installments.

Your first payment, plus applicable shipping and handling and tax (if applicable), will be charged to your payment method when the item is shipped. Your following installments will be charged to your payment method every 30 days thereafter. No interest is accrued from ShopNBC.

Please note that orders submitted on ValuePay® are subject to credit approval and that ShopNBC reserves the right to make credit inquiries. Not all products or orders will qualify for ValuePay®. ShopNBC reserves the right to decline an order as stated in our Terms of Use.

If you would like to view your ValuePay® orders or payment schedule, login to "My Account" on ShopNBC.com and go to the "ValuePay®" section. If you would like to change the credit card being used for open ValuePay® payments, you may do so in this same section or by contacting Customer Service at 800-676-5523.

to curious ***sumer #707565

rather than have shop NBC run your credit report for each purchase go on use your credit card or just save up for the purchase every time they check your credit it brings your score down in the long run that you pay its not worth it unless you just absolutely needed in no mind it checking your credit

to curious ***sumer Maricopa, Arizona, United States #935603

You are correct it does say this in paragraph 4, about credit approval, running a credit report, and etc.

Now, I consider myself to be above the, "normal average" in intelligence.

Please no one take offense to that statement.

Just been in many different situations not to mention I have a nursing degree and currently in college for law and about to graduate with one degree and pursuing even further.

So, PARAGRAPH 4, I personally took it as opening a credit account with them and their card. If a debit card is approved then why would they need to do a credit check? The other thing they can do with a debit or credit card, is set up future payments, right then and there.

This is no different than setting a future payment with your electric bill, cell bill, etc. Also, it states that if you pay with a credit card that they will not run a credit card for easy pay, really? Hhmm, if a person is scandalous they can still cancel their credit card. A thief is a thief regardless of payment method.

Now, I am not out and out down on ShopHQ, however I understand were the complaints are coming from and just because some people on here have NOT experienced this DOES NOT mean that others haven't. Also, there is another system places like ShopHQ uses like:

Lexis Nexis, CL Verify, Clarity. These are places that banks also use thwy are like credit report but a little different. I know someone that has a 785 credit score unfortunately needed a payday loan or something like that but they could not verify DOB, (was entered right) and said was not a property owner.

Um okay so denied crazY ***. This was not in requirements.

Anyways, everyone, the reviews you put regardless of what kind it helps others. Oregon and Arizona

Fairfax, Virginia, United States #667182

I just experienced the same. After all my loyalty they turn me down.

They did take the first pmt. I just called and told them to CANCEL the order. They seemed shocked people were complaining about them I've been a loyal customer for so long. I just bought a TV on ValuePay and I was now ordering a new camera to replace the one I bought a few years ago from ShopNBC.

WOW, shocked and upset! She said they can pull a credit report since they're extending credit..Sounds like a credit account to me and one I never applied for.

Traverse City, Michigan, United States #592564

They ran my credit also...and No, I did not give them my ssn..it is also not stated anywhere obvious that they will. AND they do pull the money off your debit card prior to turning you down. Crappy practice.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #591136

No...I had the same thing happen just this week. I placed an order for a Hitachi 48" 3D HDTV and selected ValuePay.

I received an email a few hours later stating that they ran a credit check and had to cancel the order as a result. It does happen. I have purchased a larger, more expensive TV from QVC in the past and had no problem with using FlexPay. It may be because it was my first order on ShopNBC and I had a good buying history with QVC.

I don't know. I'll just buy from HSN and QVC just for the hassle.

I know that it can take minimum 72 hours for the hold on the funds to be released. Just gotta watch the progress.

to rdr619 #636019


I had trouble today and am calling customer service today so I can get the top value now they tell me no value pay and Im wondering is it because I get ssi or my card did not clear for other two items ?!?! NERVOUS BECAUSE LOVE THERE SKINN COSMETICS AND CANT GO WITHOUT BUT IM PISSED OFF AT THIS TIME WE SHALL SEE THEY HAD NO PROBLEM BEFORE WITH THIS CARD WHY SAY PAY ALL AT ONCE WHEN OTHER THINGS WERE PAID FOR ????

I don't understand its $$$$$$$ metoo get back to this at 7:30am so upset then I fb the hosts who are so great its all about the benjamins and made in china lol got to laugh shop nbc owned by who a watch co so many watch watch this going to hsn and qvc if they don't resolve my problem hold on money they only should check to see is that value pay clearsunderstanding you me we have other bills I DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWERE AT ALL NEVER GET TO WHY THEY HAD YOUR SS# ? Later hoping good news :x


HADTOWRITE..HOW ARE U GOING TO SAY I'M LYING...U MUST WORK FOR SHOPNBC what reason would I have to complain or makeup something like this.... you sound *** go sit down and shut up


Wow this company really does SUCK! I was denied my order because of credit.

Hmmm that's strange since I just purchased a new car. Credit score is around 600. So why am I being denied my flex pay....smh. I am livid that these people ran a credit check on me in the first place.

Oh wait it's stated on the website that they will run credit.

What a crock!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey SHOPNBC...give me back my MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to JR Akron, Ohio, United States #636018

Same thing tried to get a cosmetic device and I haad enough on my debit card for at least 1/2 of the price then don't get paid until next week I get enough each month to qualify to get the iten that is very nice plus the cream with it but because of reasons I don't know they wont take my master card pnc bank for ssi but i've bought at least over 28 items and paid them off they said no value pay all at once pay screw them so people dont have a credit card they say no before it worked IM PISSED THE HEC$%&#****&%$@ off ,!!!!!! I HAVE CANCER AND THERE IS OVER 190 crock of something......hsn does not do that,,,,,


All they need is your name and address and they can get your SSN from sites like Lexis Nexis, from there they can pull your credit report.

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