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Beware of Shop Nbc! Their business tactics are fraudulent and deceitful!

We ordered a 60" TV, on Sunday evening March 22. We decided to cancel the order 24 hours later. When we initally called, we were told NO PROBLEM, we will just contact the vendor. Later in the day, we were sent notice that the TV had been shipped!

We again called Shop Nbc; they refused to cancel the order, and said that we could refuse it, once it got to our house, but that they would charge us the full shipping & handling fee.

Do not shop with Shop NBC!

Monetary Loss: $1620.

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I have experienced first hand what BEN, the ex-employee, described in his comment.

Shop NBC lies, deceives and harasses their customers with endless phone calls, even when it's their screw-up.

They don't care how much you have purchased from them or how long you've been a good loyal customer, they screw everyone equally.


I used to work there. They have no morals and have always screwed the customers, lie, and cheat them. They have completely in experienced rep's, and at many times were told to lie.


Moral: Don't order big ticket and heavy items from mail order companies unless you absolutely know you plan to keep the item. If there is any chance you plan to cancel the order, don't order.

There are so any places that do drop shipping now that it is nearly impossible to cancel an order once it's placed (even just minutes after the order is placed).

Also, think through your order very carefully and give the item a cool down period of at least 24 hours before you place the order. 24 hours is enough to tell you if the purchase is impulse or if it's something that is really important to you.

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