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They just suck. They DO NOt care about their customers!

Returned item with tracking # plus insurance. They couldn't find it. I Faxed USPO proof...didn't matter. On top of that, their customer service (theres a stretch) was surley, and so much as accused me of lying...even with USPS proof!

They SUCK!!!! Buyer beware! They need to check out such fine company's as Zappos , and even QVC. Zappos rules, and at least QVC are polite, and truly try to help their customers!

SHOPNBC...you need to go back to customer service 101.

Again...buyer beware!!!!! ZAPPO'S RULES!

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The customer service at shopnbc is the worst I have ever experienced. To be honest, this is my first review I have ever written.

After purchasing a tv that was defected when it arrived, shop nbc made it almost impossible to return the crappy product they sent me.

The initial customer service representatives where clueless and then once transfered to about 6 different supervisors, the supervisors themselves where incompetent and extremely RUDE!!!!DO NOT SHOP SHOP NBC!!!!!!!!!!! The worst company I have ever come in contact with!!!!!!!

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