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July/August 2010 - Do not apply for the ShopNBC card! Even though the card has their company name on it, they are unable to resolve billing issues with their own credit card company!

I already paid the full amount, and yet their credit card company refuses to give them the credit balance they are trying to collect. Phone harassment several times each day from ShopNBC, trying to get me to pay them with another credit card, when the paid amount is already with their credit card company as a credit.

Very inefficient system, huge misrepresentation, and unprofessional service. Suzanne Somers buyers beware!

Monetary Loss: $154.

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My fiance bought an air mattress last year for me. It didn't last very long due to a manufacturing defect.

When he called to get a return label they tried to tell him it was the *only* item not covered by their extended Christmas policy. He did the return and UPS picked it and issued a receipt that they had. Not long after that they called him claiming they hadn't gotten the item. He sent the the proof of pick up (twice) and told them to take it up with UPS.

They refuse to do that. In addition to calling him about the item, they've been calling me several times a day under several numbers and have somehow gotten my sister's cell phone number. They've been told to keep the calls to his number at his house because that's the billing address and to leave my landline and sister's cell out of it. They, of course, refuse to do that which is no surprise being that they refuse to even contact UPS about the item.

I don't answer their calls anyway so they can call all they want.

I just take down the times and file complaints.

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