I purchased 2 Invicta watches a year ago (March 09). Within 60 days, one of them just failed to keep time. Figured it would be under warranty, with shipping paid (I paid to ship it to FL to get it "fixed") They send it back, COD for $25. The second watch, which I just shipped back over 3 weeks ago, had the finish coming off. Invicta has a minimum of a 1 year "warranty", and this show said the watches purchased would have 5 years of "warranty". Now, this "warranted" watch is an additional $103 to get the finish corrected.

You can never reach Invicta, the phone number is constantly busy, and even if you try the direct line, same ***. Sending emails is worthless as they refuse to respond, and when they do, they tell you to call the number that you can't friggin get through in the first place....well maybe if you have a couple of hours to wait on hold.

That purchase will be my last Invicta. Too many empty promises to make a sale, but when it comes to "walking the walk", this company fails miserably

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Saint Cloud, Florida, United States #1246206

Three (nice) Invicta watches, all have (different) like problems. To contact Invicta was like bad joke.

All three do not work. All three are worthless.

Huntersville, North Carolina, United States #1246133

When it comes to Invicta Watches. You have to know what you are buying.

You need to know what movement (origin) you are buying: A) China, B) Japan, C) Swiss. That has a lot to do with it. Most people think that if the buy a $300.00 watch they assume it is Swiss movement. Guess what?

Not always the case. I own various Invicta watches and I can tell you that I bought 1 that has Japanese movement and it is the one that I had 1 issue with.

All others are Swiss movement and are still going strong with no issues.

Mountain View, California, United States #921898

The piece of trash (INVICTA WATCH) that I purchased 10/30/2014 has proven to be a extremely poor investment in what I thought was a quality time piece never again will I invest in any time piece without researching the item first I suggest "First or Any timer's do the same."

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #890951

I've owned a few Invicta watches over the years... Only had one fail.

Batteries are easy to replace...

So do em yourself!

I can't speak for ShopNBC.com as I've always bought mine through eBay or locally.

Invicta does in fact have holdings in Switzerland and if it says "Swiss Made" at the 6 o'clock position, it has to be swiss made.

If you are interested in a watch check other reviews... I personally don't trust advice from people that don't know the difference between there and their.


All my life I was fascinated by watches, now that I am older I have time to study all the different manufactures. I wanted to become a collector!

About 2 years ago, I was flicking through TV channels, and came across a TV shopping network that was selling Invicta watches. I was immediately stunned and jumped on the Invicta bandwagon. For the next two years, I purchase over 15 Invicta watches, all but one were their so called Reserve level... hand made...

Swiss made...watches. I had many different models. They were all cheaply made, and over priced. I do not know if "Swiss Made" means the watch is entirely made in Switzerland.

I read an article once explaining that with that verbiage the watch does NOT have to be made entirely in Switzerland, which I was under the impression, that only Swiss Made watches are worthy to collect. Boy was I wrong!!! Two screw down crowns bent, I could not get in touch with their service department. The phone was busy and they never answered my emails!!

The battery in one model died after three weeks. Their so called tritnite luminous material goes dark after 30 minutes. It does NOT charge under house hold light at all!! I was DUPED, I was able to sell three watches, and that became a hassle, so I gave them away to all my family members, warning them...

wear at your own risk and service fee's, lol!! If you are hooked on Invicta, try your best to get off their bandwagon, you will, sooner or later, experience the TRUE COLORS of this company, and not what you see on TV!!!!

There are many fabulous watch manufactures out there...that make excellent watches in all styles, like the one I am wearing now. Thanks for your time!

Hey guys i too have been burned bye invicta!! these watches are garbo!!

i have 5 of them, and they sent me a big yellow box with one of them,,and thats exactly where they should be left in a *** box!!!! :upset
to AC New York, New York, United States #810505

Invicta's quality overall is lacking...but they sure have quantity... over 4000 different models and growing.


Unfortunately for me I had to learn the hard way about Invicta, and that cost me a pretty penny. Keep in touch ALL and keep us honest!!


Yep. I agree.

My band kept breaking. I paid to ship the watch an included $28 for return shipping. When my watch was returned, the case was scratched where they had to undo the screws that held on the band. I kept getting the run around about "photos." I gave up but I also gave up on buying these watches.

Their service is terrible. Don't do it, buy something reputable and a company that stands behind their products.

:upset I currently own over 40 Invicta watches! are they great, Hello NO!

I have had the watches for 2 years now stored in aneat display case. I have not worn any of them. This year I was going through my collection and several quartz watches had quit running. No problem I said and I started replacing the batteries to get this back up and running.

:cry Big Mistake! all of the watches that take batteries that cost me under 140.00 did not work with a new battery. A Ralley S1 Racer worked but the chrono did not! In fact it was completely off of the scale.

It sems the cheaper auto matics are fine but the quartz movements are cheap and fail just sitting in a case. The watches from invicta that go for 300 and up seem to keep working and the movements in those are night and day from the cheap line. I also have several casio watches and their batteries are still going after 5 years. I have 10 android watches and they all work and a few renatos that work fine and a few deep blue that are great.

This year all the cheaper line of Invictas that are working are sold on e bay the rest are in the trash. Not going to fall into the trap of sending it in for the 5 year warranty at a cost of a new watch.

Just not going to buy anymore Invicta watches under 300. At this price thought Invicta has competition with several other manufactures that make fine watches so unless they step up to the plate they wil not get the business from me.

you have to send invicta reserve venom to switzerland to change a battery at your cost for shipping both ways. i have a few reserve. never again!

Collinsville, Alabama, United States #689807

Watch is good value, but pray you never have to contact them by phone. I have waited on hold for two hours and finally gave up. Customer service cant handle the success of the watch sales.

Cave Creek, Arizona, United States #630117

I have a defective Invicta $70 watch from World of Watches that leaked the first time it saw water. Invicta required that I not only pay to return the watch to them at the US address, but they also required that I pay a $28 fee to send the defective $70 watch overseas to be repaired.

So now I'm $35 into a repair on a $70 watch. It's been 4 months now since I sent the watch and I still haven't received it back.

ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! I discourage everyone from ever buying an Invicta watch.

to Invicta is Garbage!! #659237

I just posted a complaint with the BBB. Folks don't realize that the Valjoux company went out business and the company that bought them are making unfinished Valjoux movement.

I have several real Swiss watches and their movements are tighter you don't hear all jigle Invicta's makes.

I believe doesn't care because they're making money.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #624637

I have owned Invictas and I believe that in a dollar for dollar comparison they are one of the best watches made. I have found them to be solid time pieces.

to wanamaker #796495

You have got to be kidding me....I have owned 3 of them all a POS. Customer service HORRIBLE.

I have sent all 3 in 4 months later came back and 2 od them didnt work had to send back again. NEVER AGAIN.

Astoria, New York, United States #610462
I have to disagree fully with the main comment and a few of the replies. I currently own 20 Invicta's, 19 of which were purchased from ShopNBC. I also plan on buying many more, as i love there variety, and I have only had an issue with one watch and it, of course, was the cheapest(cost under $50.00). From the first watch, I knew the warranty info. It is explained constantly on ShopNBC as they sell the watches. In short, if you do not like the watch or it is immediately damaged or not working, you can return or exchange it within 30 days. They do deduct shipping from refund(that bothers me, but all companies do that now).

Otherwise, when you receive the watch it will come with a warranty form. You must fill out form and mail to Invicta to register, or use the number on the form and register online at Invicta's site. If you register online, then you do not need to mail in the form, but keep it for your records. The registration MUST be done within 30 days of purchase. In addition, by purchasing the watch from ShopNBC, once you register it, you automatially get the extended 5 year warranty for free. If you buy an Invicta from anywhere else, this is usually a $65.00 charge. The exception is with the 'Reserved' watches. They are all warranteed for 5 years, just keep receipt.

One thing NOT to do is buy ShopNBC's warranty. It is wrong of them to place it on the order page, since they never honor it and always send you to Invicta, and they also have no control over stock so they may not have a replacement. It's just another way to get money from you. The woman who tried to save the watch to wear on her 60th birthday found this out the hard way. BTW, even if you do not wear most of your watches often, keep checking them, this will avoid any problems when that special occasion comes up.

Now once it is registered, if something should happen to the watch, you will send it to Invicta with $28.00 to cover shipping (This is where you would need that form that I said you should keep for your records. It will have your warranty number and info on where to send it with the $28. check/M.O. or add your credit card info.), they will repair or replace the watch with a new one, and ship back to you.

Is $28.00 fair? Probably not. But if I buy a $2000. watch that I don't want to just throw away, or pay a local jeweler big $$ to fix, it's a small cost. I do feel personally, if you own an inexpensive watch that cost you $56., like somebody posted, it's better to just say goodbye to watch, unless you know it is just something like a battery replacement which can be done somewhere, like Walmart, for $5.

Now another thing Invicta makes very clear is that it is not a fast process. Expect to be without your watch for 2-3 months. First, if it is a chronograph, they ship it overseas for repair. Then once repaired, they run it to test it for a minimum of two weeks, but this could also extend to up to 4-6 weeks. They want to be 100 percent sure it is working before they send it back to you. Even if it's not a chronograph and can be handled by their local repair, they will still want to do these tests.

One small note of importance. Invicta does have authorized repair shops with authorized dealers. This may help you avoid the shipping part. However, they are not everywhere, and usually only in major cities, so you will have to call Invicta to find if one is near you. If you try to get it repaired at a non-authorized dealer that will void the warranty.

In regards to Invicta's customer service, I do not have a real response. They are usually polite, but I'm sure like any service, they can have a few rotten apples :upset . To me, the annoying part is that they only have a short amount of hours in EST (which is usually when I am at work and don't have time to call). It should have longer hours, or even be 24 hours.

If you are into watch collecting and have been watching the news, you may be aware that SWATCH company has been buying all the Swiss movement companies making it costly for the competition to purchase the movements, and requisitioning all the smaller watch companies that can no longer compete, and even some of the bigger ones (they just bought Harry Winston :eek . Marilyn Monroe must have turned in her grave.). Hopefully, if Invicta doesn't want to be bought out, or go under, they will now step up their game and service will improve. Here's to hoping.
to emilletich Astoria, New York, United States #610465

Sorry, this reply was for another thread - emilletich

Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada #610395

Thanks for all the reviews. I was going to purchase a watch from these folks too, at a huge savings, but after reading your reviews, you have changed my mind. Thanks for saving me some cash!!!!


I agree with the first customer, terrible service. I also, got two watches one the finish is suppose to be a 2000.00 dollar watch.

the finish is coming off after hardly wearing it..I have had no luck with customer service. I will never purchase another watch from them.

Hicksville, New York, United States #584656

I have bought 5 invicta watches. Every sinble one broke.

bands broke.

The day doesn't change on another. Just poor quality, but hey, I guess you get what you pay for.

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